20 Ways to Use Branded Flash Drives in Your Business

Aug 1, 2023Latest USB Insights, USB Buyers Guides

The possibilities for using branded USB flash drives in your business are extensive and you can get creative with how you leverage these amazing communication tools.

Here are some of the top ways in which businesses can deploy memory sticks for maximum return on investment.

Business Uses for Branded USB Drives


1. Corporate gifts: Obvious but still one of the most popular USB applications! In surveys from around the world, memory sticks consistently rank among the top five most desired and retained branded gifts. Great for clients, partners, vendors, staff and executives.

2. Marketing campaigns: Preload branded memory sticks with marketing materials such as product catalogues, brochures, videos, or interactive presentations to distribute to potential clients or partners

3. Media & influencer kits: Upload press releases, product images, company logos, and other media assets to distribute to journalists, bloggers, influencers or media outlets.

4. Customer loyalty programs: Give a branded USB flash drive as a reward or incentive to loyal customers, with exclusive content or special offers stored on the drive.


5. Portfolios & Showreels: Showcase your past work on USB flash drives for potential clients or buyers. Ideal for photographers or designers in graphics, interiors, architecture, fashion, advertising.

6. Sales presentations: Sales reps should always hand out branded USB flash drives loaded with sales presentations, demos and order forms during meetings or pitches.

7. Supporting documentation: For longer sales cycles or complex products, add supplementary or educational material, such as case studies, e-books, white papers, video explainers.

Events & Exhibitions

8. Product launches: Distribute product information, press information, or sneak peeks of upcoming products during product launch events.

9. Speaker presentations: Load USB drives with presentations, videos and tools provided by speakers at your conference or event.

10. Trade show collateral: Preload your branded drives with product information, multimedia presentations or interactive demos to engage attendees at trade show booths. Great for qualified buyers.

11. Promotional giveaways: Give away at trade shows, conferences, or corporate events to promote the business and its products or services, although this should always be coupled with preloaded content to maximise ROI.

Client Communication

12. Surveys and feedback collection: Upload links to survey or feedback questionnaire landing pages (for easy tracking), allowing customers or stakeholders to provide their input at their own convenience.

13. Unique giveaways: Preload with exclusive content, access codes or links to specific landing pages and give as prizes or rewards in contests or promotions.

14. Client deliverables: Securely hand over sensitive data, completed projects, reports, or digital files in a professional, branded way.


15. Software installation: Provide branded USB flash drives loaded with software installers, making it easy for customers (or your IT team) to set up and install applications or drivers.

16. Document backup and sharing: Provide employees with high capacity flash drives for easy backup, storage and internal sharing of important documents or files.

17. Run portable apps: Browsers, email tools, messaging apps, and games can all be run from a USB flash drive, which is convenient if you are working from home or travelling. You can also create a bootable USB flash drive that you can use to remove viruses and other malware from your computer.

HR & Internal Communications

18. Training material: Preload training modules, videos or quizzes for internal training programs, enabling employees to access the materials offline and at their own convenience.

19. Employee onboarding: Provide new employees with essential documents, policies, training materials or company information during the onboarding process.

20. Change management: Distribute frameworks, tools and communication material to employees, encouraging adoption by explaining the benefits and desired outcomes of the changes.

The one thing all of these applications have in common is that they are preloaded with content. While a branded flash drive alone is a nice gift, with preloaded content it becomes a highly effective business and communication tool.

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