Colour-Matched USB Flash Drives

Stay true to your brand identity with a flash drive made to match your unique Pantone colour references.


This service is available on selected plastic, plastic-metal, leather, novelty and wristband USB styles.

By colour-matching the body or shell of your USB drive, you can ensure that it conforms to your brand identity, making it a noteworthy and memorable product. This service is available on certain plastic, plastic-metal, leather, novelty and wristband flash drives.

The Pantone® system is a universal method of standardising colour, with more than 1 100 available hues. For optimal results, this is the system that we use for our colour-matched and custom USB drives, as well as certain kinds of printing.

Colour matching is currently available free of charge with selected USB models. The process is the same as for standard colours, whereby we provide electronic artwork for approval prior to production. If Pantone references are not available, we will match it to the closest possible shade.

Please note that minimum quantities apply and lead-times may be slightly longer than for standard colours.

Our custom USB drives are always made to your colour specifications.