Harness the Power of Branded USB Drives for Business Events

Jul 27, 2023Latest USB Insights

Conferences and trade shows are loud, busy, chaotic and competitive, with speakers, exhibitors and advertisers vying for attention from delegates. Companies allocate significant marketing budgets to stand out and attract as many prospects and customers as possible.

This makes business events and exhibitions a great time to hand out branded or customised USB flash drives. Why, you ask? Because marketers are always looking for memorable ways to make a lasting impression and provide value to their target audience, and branded memory sticks do just that.

1. Practicality Meets Purpose

Unlike many traditional promotional items that end up forgotten or discarded, USB flash drives have genuine utility. In today’s digital age, everyone appreciates additional storage space for their data, documents and media. A branded USB flash drive provides a practical and valuable tool that recipients will use regularly, reinforcing your brand message every time they plug it in.

2. Enhanced Engagement

The most important advantage of USB flash drives is their ability to deliver targeted content to prospects, customers, partners and media. This can include product catalogues, brochures, case studies, white papers, speaker material, images, videos, demos, links to landing pages where they can enquire or purchase, and much more. By providing valuable content, you increase the likelihood that recipients will engage with your brand beyond the event, resulting in increased leads and conversions.

3. Value for Money

Branded USB flash drives have a high perceived value among recipients, yet they are relatively affordable. They also pack a triple-punch, serving as a communication tool, branding medium and a desirable gift. The return on investment from a well-executed USB flash drive campaign can be exceptional considering that studies show branded memory sticks have a retention rate of more than one year. In addition, business events are prime opportunities for networking and lead generation, so distributing branded and preloaded USB flash drives to qualified prospects is a reliable way of building your post-event sales pipeline.

4. Customisation

USB flash drives come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials, allowing you to align them perfectly with your brand identity and message. Whether you prefer sleek and sophisticated designs, classic and elegant styles or fun and quirky shapes, there’s a USB flash drive that can perfectly represent your brand. Branding is very important here, too. Be sure to add your full logo (not just an icon, unless you’re Nike!) and, where possible, at least a Web address or email for quick contact.


So, with all the available options, how do you decide which type of USB to get? It can be tricky trying to choose the perfect one. Here are our top five picks.

Wristband USB drive 901

5. USB Wristbands

Wristband USB drives combine fashion with functionality, making them a smart choice for business events and exhibitions. These wearable drives can be customised with your brand colours and logo. They are fun talking points and can also serve as entrance tickets or visitor identifiers by colour.

USB pen with stylus

4. USB Pens

The high-tech alternative to regular pens, USB pens usually come with an accessory, such as a laser pointer or stylus tip. Metal and wood USB pens can be beautifully printed or laser engraved, creating a product that turns heads. These multi-functional drives offer added value to recipients, making them more likely to keep and use the USB drive regularly

USB lanyards for events

3. Lanyard USB Drives

Lanyard USB’s are the pinnacle of conference swag – convenient, accessible, perfect for busy delegates and on-the-go professionals. Made to double as name-badge holders, they are a smart choice for business events. With their high visibility and customisation opportunities, USB lanyard drives will elevate your brand presence and engagement during the event and beyond.

Branded Credit Card USB

2. USB Cards

The greatest value of business events is the connections that business representatives make with customers, prospects and partners. Regardless of industry or company size, the universal tool at conferences and exhibitions is the business card. A USB Card is the perfect replacement for a traditional business card. With full-colour, edge-to-edge printing, it is a blank canvas on which to express your brand offering. If also offers the novelty factor and many USB card styles can be clipped to a lanyard.

2D custom USB drives

1. Custom USB Drives

For a unique and eye-catching approach, consider custom-shaped USB drives that align with your brand or product. These can be designed as your company’s logo, icon, mascot, or your best-selling or new product. The creativity in design will leave a lasting impression on event attendees.

Ultimately, the best USB style for your event or exhibition depends on your branding strategy, target audience and budget. No matter what style you choose, be sure to preload it with valuable content for the best return on investment.

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